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Credit Repair


In my 15+ years of experience, I have fully understood what banks look for in a desirable credit score, and what is necessary to successfully purchase a vehicle with a lower monthly payment and zero money down. With my guidance, I have witnessed clients start off with a credit score in the low 500s, and build it up to the low 700's.

If you are interested in rebuilding your credit score to purchase a vehicle, or even a home, my experience will allow me to guide you in the path to obtain a high credit score, resulting in a favorale interest rate. Obtaining the best Interest rate will allow you to have a lower monthly payment and save you thousands of dollars in finance charges.


1) Loan amount of 17,000 based on 3% for 5 years =  299.00
2) Loan amount of 17,000 based on 15% for 5 years= 404.00

SAVINGS of 5,900 over 5 years with a lower Interest rate.

Banks profits reflect on the interest rates they charge, the higher the interest rate the more profit they make.

The lower the interest rate the less profit the bank makes.

Having the lowest interest rate benefits the consumer, not the bank. Banks would prefer to charge a higher rate, because the profit margins are more profitable

There are three different credit reporting agencies:

1) Experian

2) Equifax

3) Transunion

All three agencies report you differently, in which each report reflects a credit difference of 10-25 points , because not all creditors report to all 3 credit agencies , they may only report to 1 or 2 .

In achieving a high credit score, paying off bad debt is necessary, as well as having them  deleted off your credit report.

I came across a self help credit score repair guide I couldn't wait to write a review, the author Chris B. has simple and fast tips that are easy for anyone to understand. I was completely impressed with its simple, yet informative steps in helping one repair their credit score on their own .

The self help credit repair ebook "37 Days To Clean Your Credit" is automatically ready for immediate download and ready for you to get started on repairing and increasing your credit score and understanding how a credit score works.

In this book, you will find out how to:

1) Obtain your credit report

2) Negotiate with your credit holders to settle your debt at 10-40% of the balance owed

3) Removing inquiries

4) Obtain deletion letters

5) Improving your credit score

6) Having the law on your side

7) Dealing with your debt

8) Knowing how long an item stays on your credit

9) Validation letters/Validating your debt

10) Disputing incorrect balances

11) Disputing delinquencies

12) Obtaining follow up letters to your creditors

13) Getting the collection agency to send you a letter stating the deal to settle your debt

14) Application tips

15) How to obtain a secure credit card

16) Positive credit building through becoming an authorized user of a credit card

17) Successfully obtaining a worthy co-signer

18) Applying and obtaining credit with small companies (i.e. department stores)

19) How to get open bank accounts

20) Sample letter to creditors

21) How to write a letter with the debt collection agency to cease all communications with you

22) Obtaining letters accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, Section 809(b)

Start your path today in building your credit score through the easy to understand information provided by the self help ebook.

The book will guide you through all the simple, yet easy to understand steps in repairing your credit score. Start today, you will be glad you did

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