Haggle Free Auto Buying Service     
Haggle Free Auto Buying Service     

1) How do i start the car purchasing process:

Contact : Maria Carrillo
Cell :        909 576-7854
Office:     909 396-7899
Email:     fstcars@verizon.net

2) How to Obtain Financing:
As an expert in my field , I work with the same banks and credit unions the dealers directly work with , to provide the same cash rebates and special offers that range from  0% to 10% percent.

3) How to Obtain my Credit Score

Only with permission of the customer , I will email or fax an application for signature approval . It's extremely important to know what you qualify for. Obtaining your credit score will allow me to qualify the customer  for the best  programs available to them.

4) Qualifying for an Auto Loan  

 Qualifying for an auto loan should be your # 1 priority . Do not run all over town from dealer to dealer , your  credit score will decline if viewed several times. As an expert in my field . I have 20 years in the business . I will guide you through the proper and easy steps to getting you qualified for a purchase or a lease with the best programs available to the customer.

5) Who handles the financing for the customers

I handle the financing and leasing for all my customers . With the customers permission I will submit an application to the bank for pre-approval. I work with  the same banks the dealers obtain for financing with all the same special financing and rebates. 

6) Will I save money by using an Auto Buying Service/Auto Broker

Yes , I will save you time and money  , I continuously improve my products and services . I maintain a level of excellence, which will meet my customers needs, and exceed their expectations that will make the journey of purchasing a new car as pleasant and haggle free as possible. I have 20 years experience , I am a true expert in my field.

7) Will my new car be delivered to my home or business

Yes  your new car can be delivered to your home or business , by a licensed professional delivery service and it s free.

 8) Auto Buying services need to be licensed

Yes !  You must obtain a DMV License  and be fully bonded, department of motor vehicles have strict guidelines and one most qualify and have 7 years of auto sales and finance experience ,most importantly pass several test to be accepted.

9) Other Auto Buying services in the Internet

Do not advertise the correct car and options , advertise an accurate information
like color and options and data is not current .

10) Credit Unions financing

Customers can obtain financing through there own credit union or get financing with the dealer . Financing may be better with the dealer .
 Special offers from banks range from  0% to 0.9%. 4%

11) Used Car

All used cars will have a car fax for the customer to view .

12) Approved with your credit union

 I can compare interest rates with other Banks to see which is best for the customer.

13) Do I need to drive to the dealer for Upfront Pricing

No Upfront pricing can be given over the phone or by email.

14) Will I have to deal with salesmen and closing managers

No ! I remove all the necessary stress that comes with purchasing
or leasing a car. You will work directly with me , from the paperwork to
delivery of your new car.

15) Can I choose the color for my new Car

Yes ! Yes !


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